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My life, in action

Everything you wanted to know about Dave.... maybe

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Why the American economy is so bad:
Last year, according to a report just issued by the Institute for Policy Studies and United for a Fair Economy, S&P 500 CEOs received pay packages worth, on average, $10.5 million. That was 344 times the earnings of the average American worker.

Those CEOs are getting total of $5,250,000,000 per year. The average worker is making about $30,525 a year. If CEO pay was capped at $1 million a year (That is just over 32 times the average worker's salary), the savings could give:

  • 475,000 workers a $10,000 a year raise.
  • 1,142800 workers a $2.00 per hour raise.
  • pay to raise the minimum wage by a little over $1.00 per hour.

All that money locked up in the bank accounts of 500 people instead of stimulating the economy. All that money that could go to paying workers to create goods in the U.S. instead of shipping manufacturing jobs overseas.

This is why America's economy is failing.