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My life, in action

Everything you wanted to know about Dave.... maybe

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What I learned in traffic court
Always go to court. It doesn't matter if you are obviously guilty. Go to court.

My first court date was on Friday 10/17. This was arraignment where one enters one's plea. The judge came in and said something to the effect of:
You can plead one of three ways: not guilty, guilty, and no contest. No contest is like pleading guilty but without using the word guilty. If you plead not guilty, we will assign you a court date and you will have to come back then. If you plead no contest or guilty, I will withhold judgment, there will be no points assessed on your license, the ticket will not go on your record, and I will reduce your fine to the minimum plus court cost

The net effect of this was that I paid $20 less than the fine on the ticket and I don't take a hit on my insurance or my driving record.

They only care about the money. They don't care about guilt or innocence or any punishment as long as they get some money out of you. It is kind of a mutual bribe.

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Sugarcoated bribing? :(

So true about them wanting money. Anyway, I'm glad you saved 20 bucks!

Happy Halloween!

Thanks, sugar.

Happy Halloween to you too.

It's horrible that the Police Power we the people granted over to government is now being used for monetary gain.

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