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My life, in action

Everything you wanted to know about Dave.... maybe

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A question of quality
When did being "spoiled" become a good thing? Last I checked being spoiled meant one was over-indulged, demanding, and selfish?

Am I some how old fashioned or out of touch?

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(Deleted comment)
See, I am not so sure about that. While "bad" can denote good, I would not suggest walking up to a woman and call her a bitch. I doubt she will react favorably.

I see many women listing themselves or referring to themselves as "spoiled". They will indicate a desire to be spoiled, state that their children or pets are spoiled, etc.

Of course, I see many women who say they can be bitches, are divas (which probably isn't true as a diva is a bitch who can sing really well), and refer to themselves in unsavory terms.

I just don't get it.

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